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Bernard Health is a fast-growing benefits advisory and software company focused on serving the needs of small and mid-sized employers. The company provides strategic health insurance advice to employers in Nashville, Austin and Indianapolis, and to individuals all across the U.S.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the world’s most trusted advisor when it comes to helping people plan for their healthcare.
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Our group benefits brokerage offers a suite of products and services to help employers of all sizes make the best choices when it comes to healthcare and benefits.


A sustainable benefits package requires an innovative approach. We’ve got it.


We provide a proprietary software solution to HR and benefits’ biggest challenges.


When it comes to customer service and client support, we set the standard.

We’re confident our strategy will improve your employees’ benefits plan.
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Financial Advisors

Bernard Health partners with financial advisors and wealth managers to provide licensed, noncommissioned healthcare advice to clients. Learn how our Healthcare Extension adds value in an area of significant financial concern to clients.

See how Bernard Health extends financial advisor’s value proposition.
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Resource Library

Visit our Resource Library to download a free e-book about healthcare costs, coverage and more!
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