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Maternity Gray Benefits Brokerage Guide MEDICARE HSA


Choosing a Broker


HSA Strategies

For questions about maternity coverage. This guide will help you find the answers you need.

Choosing the right broker can save you money and give peace of mind. Find out 10 things you should ask. 

Medicare in plain english. Discover what to avoid, and the basics of the program.

Jumpstart your HSA strategy with these quick tips to boost your overall participation.

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Lawyer's Guide

 Dropping your Group Plan

Defined Contribution


Making the right choices can save the partners, the staff, and the Firm. Learn about your options.

Sometimes it's the best strategy for your employees and your company. Find out how.

Setting a Defined Contribution strategy is hard. Learn the best way to help your employees.


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What's possible with Bernard Health?  

81% HSA Enrollment

Companies save thousands when employees move to HSAs. Our industry leading average insures max participation.

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Online Benefits Administration

Managing your benefits with paper is time consuming. Avoid the headache by putting your enrollment online.

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Medicare Advisory

Should you sign up for Medicare? Compare strategies against group options with our expert advisors.

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COBRA Liability Management

COBRA leaves lots of liability for groups & it's rarely the best option for individuals. Our advisors can find the best fit.

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Defined Contribution Strategies

Take control of your healthcare costs. Defined contributions allow you to set your max costs for the year.

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Individual & Family Advisory

Out of pocket max, deductibles, coinsurance; compare all the options with a non-commissioned advisor.

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COBRA Administration

Following strict Federal guidelines makes COBRA a liability. Let our experts manage your COBRA administration.

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Medical Bill Consulting

Medical bills often include errors. Our advisors can match your plan benefits to your bills and resolve any errors.

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Medical Advocacy & Wellness

Healthy employees mean a healthy workplace. Promoting wellness can mean savings for everyone.

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