Are you satisfied with your group benefits? Bernard Health is a benefits brokerage that helps employers evaluate and implement solutions that save money and maximize offerings, giving a more customized feel to employee benefits without breaking the bank. Here’s how we do it.

We’re confident our strategy will improve your group benefits plan.


Employers have more choices than they realize when it comes to financing their employees’ healthcare. Purchasing a fully-insured health plan may be what you’ve always done, but there are a lot of alternatives that aren’t as complex as they seem. These strategies can potentially save your organization tens of thousands of dollars. If you want to take control of your health insurance costs while giving employees more benefit options than ever before, we can help.

Defined Contribution

Learn how employers can save financially and still offer more benefit options for their employees.

Optimize HSAs

Learn how HSAs work and how to optimize this strategy for your organization.

Financing Options

Learn the pros and cons of 4 different financing options available to employers.

Maximize Benefits

Learn the different ancillary benefits employers can offer, along with the benefit details of each.

Software | BerniePortal

We provide Bernard Health clients with BerniePortal, a benefits and HR software used by thousands of benefits professionals in 35 states. BerniePortal makes benefits a breeze by streamlining enrollment, integrating with carriers and providing HR solutions to make your life easier.

Take a look at BerniePortal’s benefits and HR features.
BerniePortal Feature Tour


Our client support goes above and beyond what other agencies can provide:

We use a systemized approach to track client satisfaction, backing up our customer service with empirical data.

We have a nurse on staff to help employees price-shop prescriptions

We have noncommissioned health insurance advisors to help your employees evaluate the alternatives available to them outside of your group plan.

Our strategy helps employers of all sizes build better, more sustainable benefits packages.
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