Need HR support? From compliance to company policies, HR is the foundation of your workplace, but can be challenging for small and mid-sized employers. BernieHR is here to streamline decision-making and offer experienced HR consulting.

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BernieHR offers a wide range of human resource services from compliance reporting to time off management.
HR Help Desk

Whether it’s disciplinary actions, unemployment claims, or injuries, HR questions are complicated and compliance is important. Getting HR questions wrong can be a costly mistake. The BernieHR team is here to help and works as an extension of your company’s HR by offering two tiers of help desk support.

HR Help Desk includes:

Tier One Support: Designed for routine HR questions.
Tier Two Support: Designed for complex questions.
Advanced New Hire Onboarding

Bringing on a new hire? Beyond the basic requirements to obtain W-4s, direct deposit and personal information, certain employment legal requirements need to also be addressed. BernieHR Advanced New Hire Onboarding helps employers avoid costly penalties, save time, and provides compliance peace of mind.

Advanced New Hire Onboarding includes:

Background Checks
Drug Testing
Reference Checks
Education Verification
OIG-EPLS-SAM Monitoring
Job Descriptions
EEO Data Capture
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File Administration

Did you know employee records must be maintained a minimum of 7 years, regardless of whether or not the employee is active or terminated? If you rehire an employee, do you start a new file or pick up from their prior employment file? These questions are important when it comes to files, and if you’re like most organizations, you’ve probably lost files over the years.

Storing employee documents is much more than saving a signed document to a file. These files need to be organized in a manner that is easy to navigate and uniform in naming convention and category.

BernieHR file administration includes:

Electronic Files Retention
Increased Compliance
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Policies & Procedures

Do you ever wish you had a starting point for developing company policies, forms, or procedures? Creating these documents from scratch is time consuming and probably not on the top of your priority list. With BernieHR, we’ve got you covered.

Policies & Procedures include:

Employee Handbook
Compliance Documents
Time Off Management
Culture Norms
Formal Policies
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Compliance Reporting

Required compliance and Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting have put a time and money strain on many employers. Take the headache out of both ACA reporting and Compliance with BernieHR.

ACA Reporting:

• 1094-C / 1095-C Reporting

Compliance Reporting

• New Hire Reporting
• EEO-1 Reporting
• Federal/State/Local Taxes
• Vets 4212
• Service Contract Act
• Verification of Employment

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Advanced HR Reporting

Turn employee data into reporting metrics. BernieHR can help you manage your team with workforce management reports.

Advanced HR Reporting includes:

Worker’s Compensation Census and Audit Report
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Time Off Management

Whether it’s worker’s compensation or leave of absences, employees’ time away from the office is difficult and time consuming to manage. With BernieHR, you will save time and gain peace of mind around your employees’ time away from the office.

Time Off Management includes:

FMLA-ADA-Worker’s Compensation
Personal Leave of Absences
Short-Term Disability
Paid Time Off
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Compensation Solutions

Developing compensation structures is complex and time consuming. But it’s important to attract top talent and know how you stack up against your competitors. BernieHR Compensation Solutions helps employers develop compensation structures and agreements so you can attract top talent while staying within your chosen parameters.

BernieHR Compensation Solutions include:

Market Analysis and Job Grades
Bonus Programs
Commission Agreements
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Advanced Offboarding

Termination is a normal, but often painful, part of the employee lifecycle and can include involuntary terminations, disciplinary actions, and potentially costly unemployment claims.

BernieHR Advanced Offboarding helps employers navigate the challenges of offboarding so you can focus on your organization’s growth.

Advanced Offboarding includes:

Involuntary Terminations
Disciplinary Actions
Streamline Offboarding with Technology
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