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HSA Q&A: How do I find the best Health Savings Account?


Since Bernard Health specializes in Health Savings Account based health insurance plans, we answer lots of questions about individual HSAs for our clients.  Here are a few I've recently been asked:

Question:  I never received my HSA debit card.  Can I get another one sent to me?

Answer:  Yes.  If the first card was never activated, then another one can be sent to you at no charge. 

Question:  If I have several provider bills that are due, does it matter which one I pay first from my HSA account?

Answer:  No, it is completely up to you when you pay your bills.  The HSA account is your money to pay for eligible health expenses as you wish.

Question:  My employer offers an HSA plan and a Copay plan.  What are the advantages of the  HSA based plan over the Copay plan?


1. An HSA plan will cap your costs for the year.  There are no limits on the amount of copays you will pay on a Copay plan.

2. If your employer contributes to your HSA account, then you are receiving "free" tax-free money that you would not receive if you are enrolled in a Copay plan.

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