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10 healthcare reporters you should be following on Twitter


Interested in healthcare? Here are some of our favorite reporters tweeting everything you need to know.

Defined Contribution in 140 characters or less

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A snapshot of Defined Contribution

Defined Contribution is a strategy where an employer fixes an amount for each employee to purchase health coverage, typically on the individual market.

Health reform penalties imminent for employers

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Implications of the Affordable Care Act 

2015 will be the first year of employer penalties under healthcare reform. Industries that historically have not offered healthcare, such as food service and staffing, are most exposed.

I underestimated my income to get a subsidy. What will happen?

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Reader Q+A

Last year when I signed up for health insurance, I was out of a job and only making a little money working retail. I only pay $20/month for my health plan because the rest is subsidized because of my income.

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Throwback Thursday: Opening Indiana's 2nd healthcare retail store

now and then

A blast from our team's past

Your favorite St. Bernard is having a pretty busy year. Let's throw it back to when Bernie was just a pup starting out. Since 2006, we've been rescuing people just like you from healthcare confusion.

Why I joined the healthcare freedom revolution

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And what healthcare freedom means for you

Shopping for health insurance isn't what most of us consider fun. Shopping for sunglasses on Amazon can be fun. Shopping for new (or old) records at Grimey's in Nashville can be fun.

Parent of a special needs child? 4 insurance tips to save your wallet

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Learn how to find the best health insurance strategy 

As a parent of a special needs child, you probably know more about health insurance than you care to. From neurological exams to the search for the perfect in-network provider, it can be overwhelming, can't it? 

Seniors: Here's how to plan for a healthy retirement

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Medicare advice and other options for seniors 

Many people wait until retirement age to start planning for healthcare coverage. This is a mistake.

Healthcare Roundup - Cost Edition

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The latest and greatest in health cost news

Recently, we've seen a strong focus on healthcare costs and price transparency. Having the knowledge of how much a medical procedure should cost can give consumers the power to make informed decisions about their health.

10 health and wellness resources you should follow on Twitter

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The ACA places a spotlight on preventive care and wellness programs in an attempt to impact behavior. Since healthy people generally spend less on healthcare, the right wellness strategy will help reduce healthcare costs when done correctly.

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