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Top 3 reasons employers move to Group Defined Contribution

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Rising costs and new options push employers into new territory

Group Defined Contribution is a health insurance strategy where employers give employees a monthly amount to spend on benefits—but still keep the group health plan.

Hiring: Sales Professional in Nashville, Tennessee

We're Hiring

Open Position: Employer Advisor

Scope of Responsibility

The Employer Advisor calls on decision makers at small to medium sized businesses (10-500 employees), sharing Bernard Health's value proposition in effort to help employers down a path to healthcare freedom.

What impact does the Circuit Court's decision have on individuals?

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A closer look at the implications of the ruling on subsidies 

Today we have the privilege of hearing from George Brandes, the VP of Health Care Programs for Jackson Hewitt. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruling has created an uproar across the United States and the tax implications of such a decision are important to consider.

Need healthcare, but don't have a social security number?


Investigating your options 

Jenny came into our Austin store for help with health insurance. She was visiting the United States for a period of time and therefore didn't have a social security number (or any document as proof of US residency).

Bernard Health Job Openings in Nashville, TN and Indianapolis, IN

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Bernie wants YOU to join our team of healthcare superheroes

Looking for a new career in the Nashville or Indy area? We've got you covered. Join us in the fight against healthcare dysfunction. (Cape not included).

Top 4 things to know about the Hobby Lobby Decision

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The Supreme Court recently gave closely-held corporations like Hobby Lobby  the green light to opt out of providing comprehensive contraceptive coverage for its employees and families.

Private Exchange: Potential roadblocks & solutions to ensure success

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Don't let these roadblocks keep you from Private Exchange success  

With any new health insurance strategy, there will be certain roadblocks that elicit frustration. The good news is if you decide to implement a Private Exchange for your organization--you won't be the first. Many others have gone before you. 

Implementing a Private Exchange? 10 questions for maximizing success

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Ensuring a successful Private Exchange enrollment 

Private Exchanges are new to the healthcare market, but not as new as some might assume. More companies are reporting moving to a Private Exchange model as a healthcare alternative, with about 3 million employees on the model according to a recent report by Accenture

A letter to Mila Kunis about pregnancy + health plans

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4 Reasons Mila Kunis should open an HSA-based health plan 

Dear Mila,  

We couldn’t be more thrilled for you and Ashton! While we loved you in Friends With Benefits and were simultaneously terrified and impressed with you in Black Swan, we’re sure that your best role yet will be that of mom.

You mean I'm not invincible? A twentysomething's healthcare confusion

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And how she gained healthcare freedom 

Does mother know best? Grandfather? Doctor? When my enrollment period came around, I asked all of them about health insurance. And strangely, each of them gave me a different answer.

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