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Deciphering medical bills can be tricky business

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What healthcare consumers need to know 

If you've ever gone to the hospital, chances are you've struggled with an array of medical bills afterwards. It's often a situation where the healthcare consumer feels vulnerable on the front end as a patient who needs care, and then wrung-out on the back end dealing with a sea of paper.

3 easy ways to get healthcare outside of Open Enrollment


How to get the care you need before November

The Affordable Care Act set aside certain times of the year, known as Open Enrollment, when individuals can sign up for health insurance. For 2015, Open Enrollment is November 15th through February 15th.

Dogs navigating

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Man's best friend seeks healthcare from 

How does a Private Exchange save employers money?

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Comparing the old group health plan approach to a Private Exchange 

As many employers are gearing up to make big healthcare decisions this fall and investigating the available strategies, countless are questioning how a Private Exchange will save employers on the cost of healthcare. 

Why you should have a baby in North Dakota

How much does a baby cost VD

Comparing vaginal birth prices across the United States

Ladies, it's no secret that having a baby is expensive! If you're looking for additional ways to save (on top of your extensive diaper coupon collection), here is another secret: do your research.

Employers: Here's an Open Enrollment Checklist

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7 must-answer questions to ensure you have the right health plan  

For many employers, Open Enrollment is here. Are you scrambling to get everything in order? Here are seven questions that will help make sure you don't miss any critical steps in the process--and the absolute best health plan for your situation.   

Broken HR processes lead to unhappy people


This is a story of healthcare confusion. Don't worry, there is a happy ending. 

If you could be so kind, let me tell you a story about a broken process and unhappy people. Then, we'll brighten things up a bit, and I'll share a story about a beautiful process and happy people! What do you say? 

Why is it so hard to get low cost health insurance?

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Investigating price transparency 

Healthcare is broken partly because no one knows what anything costs. Everyone agrees: we should fix that. We should make prices transparent

Three reasons employers are dropping their health plans

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Why are employers dropping their plans?

WellPoint, the nation’s second-largest health insurance company, has lost 12 percent of its small group business so far this year as a result of small employer clients dropping their health plans. The insurer expects this trend to accelerate over the next few years.

10 Healthcare reporters you should be following on Twitter


Lately, we've been hearing a ton about insurance networks and how to choose appropriately. Let's take a break today to focus on a different network - a social network.

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