Why is health insurance such a mess?

You need health insurance. You looked online, and even requested quotes. What you read online didn't make sense, and the online brokers who called didn't answer your questions. What a mess! Here is what you're up against:


hidden agendas

Hidden Agendas

Online brokers who only make money if you buy their plan, and make more money the more you spend on insurance premiums.

so many options

So Many Options

It's not just private market options, but government and employer options, too. It may be best to have different plans for different family members.

no one knows

No One Knows

Brokers know private market options. HR knows their employer options. Government workers know those options. No one analyzes it all.

constant change

Constant Change

Every year, rates go up, benefits change, and they seem to re-write the rules. How are you expected to spend the time to keep up with it all?

Choose a better way with Bernard Health

We give you a better way. It starts with our team of advisors who you can visit at one of our healthcare retail stores. They are not paid based on you buying an insurance product. With us you get:


no hidden agendas

No Hidden Agendas

Our mission is to be your most trusted advisor. To do this, we make and keep promises related to saving you time and money on health insurance. That is our only agenda.

analysis of all options

Analysis of all Options

There are hundreds of options. We can analyze them all, saving you a lot of time. Then, we give you the best recommendation, often saving you a lot of money.

Ryan and Mallory

It's Our Job to Know

We can make it our responsibility to understand your options for you. We won't push you off to someone else to make you spend your time figuring it out.

a trusted advisor

A Trusted Advisor

The health insurance industry will keep changing. With us, though, you don't have to worry about it as much because you have a trusted advisor on your side.

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