Not all benefits advisors are created equally.


For Bernard, it comes down to keeping our clients in compliance with healthcare reform while ensuring they have a sustainable health plan strategy.

The first step to getting in compliance is putting a process in place and ultimately moving everything online. To do that, we give our clients access to our proprietary all-in-one HR platform, which we developed internally, to help wrap their arms around the dysfunction and stay accountable to the powers that be.

The platform, BerniePortal, supports tens of thousands of users along with multiple insurance companies and payroll provider integrations. Believe it or not, Bernard Health even licenses BerniePortal to other brokers across the country who have been looking for an HR solution to bring to their clients.

We’ve watched as most clients use BerniePortal immediately for Onboarding and Benefits Administration, adapting other functionality as they grow more accustomed to the system.


BerniePortal Features

Simplify Onboarding
Your office is going to look great without that file cabinet. Bernie takes care of storage for you. Whether it's W-4s, W-9s, or I-9s, or employee agreements, Bernie's got your back.
Online Annual EnrollmentBH_Employer_Online_Annual_Enrollment.png
No more paperwork headaches. You're printing hundreds of pages. You hate it. Your employees dread it. It's wasting time and money. Go online with BerniePortal.
Year-round Benefits Portal
Employees get "at-their-fingertips" access to their benefits year-round so they can view their medical benefits summary or employee agreement anytime they want.
Time & Attendance
Feeling overwhelmed with trying to keep track of your employees' hours? We now offer a simpler way to view, adjust and track all time cards.
BerniePortal integrates with both insurance and payroll providers. If we aren't digitally integrated with one of your carriers yet, we'll manually communicate employee elections so that you don't have to.
Paperless PTO
Tracking time off is a breeze with BerniePortal. With everything stored online, you can kiss your paper days goodbye. Your employees will love you.

iPhone App
The new iPhone app keeps our amazing features within reach at all times. You can utilize everything from onboarding to checking your HSA balance anywhere.

Additional HR Functionality
BerniePortal does more than just onboarding and open enrollment, you can add 1094-C/1095-C reporting email notifications and qualifying events to streamline your HR processes.

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