Are you meeting all of your employee’s needs?

Sure, most employers are offering dental, vision and purchasing a life insurance policy on their employees. And you may have tried to offer benefits like voluntary life, disability, accident or cancer insurance, but have been unable to get all the paperwork filled out in time or, worse, unable to meet participation requirements. Meanwhile, you have no way of knowing whether your ancillary benefit offerings are competitive with your peer employers.

Freeze your cost and offer employees everything.

We know employers have enough going on in their organizations to also know precisely which additional benefits their employees need. Using our proprietary HR software, we’ve negotiated special plans and pricing that avoid participation requirements and cut through the paperwork, allowing employers of all sizes to offer ancillary benefit packages competitive to those offered by Fortune 500 Companies.

More Options


Offer your employees the same kind of benefits they’d receive at a Fortune 500 Company.

No More Paperwork


Avoid drowning in paperwork by using our HR Software to offer your employees any number of extra benefits.

Fix Your Budget


Contribute a flat dollar amount to all ancillary benefits and take peace of mind knowing your costs won’t increase simply because you're offering more.

Let Employees Decide


Only your employees know what's most important to them and their families, so let them decide which benefits to enroll in.

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