Do you carry unnecessary liability on your health plan?

Sure you do. Think about the Dependents, Medicare and COBRA-eligibles enrolled on your plan. Many group plan members like these have better government and private market options available to them but every year they stay on your group plan, saddling you with unnecessary liability. 

Why? There are many misconceptions about non-group health insurance, and inertia often causes members to just stay on your plan. It’s not just a financial decision, either—your members need confidence that their new plan will have them covered.  

Limit your liability with Bernard Health

The Right Information
Our advisors are individual health insurance experts. They make sure the right information gets to your members.

Action Oriented
We will work with you to help explain the other options your members have, and can even reach out to members who we believe may have better individual options.

Non-commissioned Advisors
Our advisors are salaried, so their sole priority is helping your employees find the best option. It is worth our time to help your people.

Inspiring Confidence
Because they now have a trusted advisor, your members will feel confident when the time is right for them to leave your group. This will save you money and time.

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