Are you still paying 80% of the cost of Employee Only Coverage? 

Many employers feel stuck following the status quo. Insurers keep handing out double digit increases leaving employers to pay 80% of something they can no longer afford. New rules and regulations only add to the confusion. Further, employees are often frustrated about their choices and then at you. What happened here? 

Convert to Defined Contribution with Bernard Health

We leverage the strengths of our expert health insurance advisors with our proprietary HR software platform to help employers take back control of their healthcare costs while giving their employees more health plan options to choose from than ever before.  

Employee Perception:
Take the benefits offered, or don't

  Employee Perception:
The cost went up or the benefits got worse

  Employee Perception:
What benefits can I get for my money?

  Employee Perception:
I got a raise. What benefits can I get for my money?

Employer Reality:
Paying 80% of the cost and offering the options we can afford

  Employer Reality:
Paying 20% more and anxious whether or not employees are going to be happy

  Employer Reality:
Peace of mind knowing more options are meeting more employees' needs

  Employer Reality:
Annual increase based on what the organization can afford, not what insurance company is charging

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